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While having a child with special education needs is hard, it is even harder when some sort of conflict arises on your child’s education.

When such a conflict arises, parents often try to find a way of settling it. While some parents may see going to court as a solution, it is advisable to consider mediation as the first step towards solving your conflicts.

This is because mediation has many advantages as opposed to going to court.

By having both parties willingly agree to mediation, it allows them to be open on how to go about solving the conflict.

In most cases, conflict arises when there is failure of communication. A professional mediator will be able to guide both parties communicating with each other in a conducive environment.

Another main advantage of mediation is that it is flexible. This allows both parties to plan and choose a time of their own convenience for the mediation to take place.

This is unlike in courts where parties must adhere strictly to set timetables.

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When it comes to SEN disputes, parents tend be at an inherent disadvantage. This is because schools have more experience and knowledge in dealing with such issues. This is why it is important to opt for mediation first. In addition, working with a mediator familiar with SEN issues means you can put the needs of the child first. A mediator will also likely foresee future issues and will thus be able to advice both parties on the way forward and how to deal with issues that may occur in the future. Other advantages of mediation are;